About Emily Press

Emily Press Labels began as a vision in 2010, when Maureen, leveraging her extensive background at Robeez Footwear, identified a gap in the market for practical, yet aesthetically pleasing labels for children's items. She saw an opportunity to blend functionality with beauty, creating a product that parents would find indispensable and children would love to use.

The cornerstone of Emily Press Labels is its practicality. Maureen understood that labels for children's belongings needed to be more than just attractive; they had to be durable, easy to use, and versatile enough to withstand the daily adventures of kids. From school supplies to camp gear, each label is designed to stay put, resist wear and tear, and remain legible through all of life's little journeys.

The name "Emily" is a tribute to Maureen's grandmother, symbolizing the timeless connection between generations and the enduring nature of love and care that goes into every label.

To our valued customers, thank you for embracing Emily Press Labels. Your support has been vital in our mission to combine practicality with beauty, making everyday items both functional and fun.